Apply to School

Applying to college can help you meet your life and career goals.  Colleges have conditions for enrollment.

Do a good job on your applications. Check into tests to get into the school.  Get help from the school if you need it to apply.

Tips for Applying to College
Read your mail.
Check mail from schools immediately. A letter might tell you how to register for classes. Financial aid information might also be mailed. School letters often have important dates. Ask a career coach for help, if needed.
Explore and choose several schools.
Exploring how college is set-up can make looking at colleges easier. Visit Know How to Go for a virtual tour of college.
Apply to up to six different schools for degree programs. It's good to have a back-up plan in case your first choice falls through. If you can't afford to pay the application fees, ask if you can have them waived.  

Prepare your documents.
Many colleges have you write an essay or personal statement during the application process. For examples of personal statements and what to put in one visit the Purdue Owl.
Colleges will often have you submit letters of recommendation from different people. This resource can help you figure out who to ask for recommendations, when to ask and helpful tips.

Make a checklist of each school's admission steps. Ask for help from your family or career coach to organize your lists. Most schools have application deadlines. Know what day each application is due. Ask each school what their deadlines are. Keep all of your school information in one place.
Journal as you go.
Keeping track of your college exploration and college documents is important. You can keep track of your progress in CareerZone and JobZone. Sign into your CareerZone or JobZone portfolio account, select “Module 3: Journal” or for JobZone under “Career Exploration,” select “Job Search Journal.

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