Take Care of Yourself

How serious are you about being successful?

Successful people know the importance of taking care of themselves. This means taking care of your personal life. Get enough exercise and sleep. Eat healthy foods. Belong to a social or spiritual group. Spend time with your family. Set a regular schedule. Get regular checkups. 

Self care means being prepared to work

  • Do you have transportation ready?
  • Do you have child care arranged?
  • Do you have health care resources?
  • Do you have stable housing?

People new to managing their careers may need help. Don't be afraid to ask for it. Your community may have programs to help. You can ask about health care, child care, or housing programs. Ask at your public library or use the resources on the Career One Stop web page.

Self care means making good choices.
Sometimes you have many options. What kind of job is best for you? Should you go to school? If so, what kind of school? Should you move to find a better job? It is easy to feel overwhelmed.

It may be helpful to write down all of your options. Make a list. Then weigh the pros and cons of each choice. If you have too many good options, you can rank them in order. Someone close to you can help you with this list.

When you need to make a decision, use the Weigh Your Options (pdf) 

Career Planning Website Tools

As you make your way through the Career Guide, you will be directed to New York State Department of Labor’s career exploration websites. These websites are called CareerZone and JobZone. Both websites:

  • Cost nothing to use
  • Have career information especially for New York State
  • Detail over 800 occupations
  • Provide resume builders and many other resources for job seekers.

CareerZone versus JobZone
CareerZone and JobZone share much of the same information. However, CareerZone is more for teenagers and young adults. JobZone is more for adults. You may choose whichever website you feel most comfortable with.

Use Appendix B: Setting up a Portfolio Account (pdf) for detailed instructions on how to create accounts with CareerZone or JobZone.

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