Find Career Information

Use the Occupational Research Summary (pdf) to keep track of your research.

Starting your research.
Start with occupations you listed in Put Your Assessments Together. First, pick the occupations you know about or that seem interesting to you.

After you have completed all of the assessments and discovered which occupations interest you the most, go to the New York CareerZone and login to your CareerZone Portfolio. Then select Module 9 “Saved Occupations. ” Save your favorite occupations here so you can go back and review these later.

Want to look into different occupations? Look at the Career Clusters to see related occupations. For each occupation you choose, pay attention to:

  • the skills
  • education or training needed
  • the median or average pay, and
  • the demand for the occupation in your area

How to find career information on CareerZone

  • Look through detailed career profiles and videos at the New York CareerZone. Learn about the in-demand and fastest-growing occupations in your area.
  • Talk to people working in your chosen fields to get inside information. Learn about networking and informational interviews.

 Career Cluster Resources

New York CareerZone

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