What Are Career Clusters?

Career clusters are one way to group occupations. Careers that use the same knowledge and skills are in the same cluster. Every career that you can think of is in one of six career clusters. Each cluster can include hundreds of different careers.

Using clusters can help you to look at a few career choices without focusing on only one occupation. If you target one specific career choice too soon, you might miss other options that might be a good fit for you. New York CareerZone has more information on the six career clusters. Click on one of the icons in the New York CareerZone to explore different occupations in each career cluster. Below are descriptions of the six career clusters:

Career Clusters Characteristics of People in these
Career Clusters

Arts and Humanities

  • Enjoys cultural, artistic, athletic, entertainment activities
  • Communicate through writing, painting, drawing, dancing, music
  • Examples-Sculptor, Merchandise Displayer

Business and Information Systems

  • Enjoys interacting with customers
  • Can manage information
  • Plan, train, research, and report information
  • Examples-Cashier, Insurance Claims Clerk

Engineering and Technology

  • Enjoys design, repair, inspection and assembly of goods
  • Use skills to maintain and repair automobiles, buildings, roads, and many other types of machinery
  • Examples-Construction Laborer, Sheet Metal Workers

Health Services

  • Enjoys health care and support services
  • Use technical, social, scientific and personal skills to help people, treat illnesses, and document care
  • Examples-Dental Assistant, Medical Secretary

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

  • Enjoys the study of the earth
  • Use technical skills and knowledge to help protect environments and natural resources
  • Examples-Forester, Landscaping Worker

Human and Public Services

  • Enjoys working with individuals and families
  • Provide social, educational, and community services
  • Examples- Customer Service Representative, Telephone Operator

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